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The research of polyester resin coating use in synthesis catalyst


The current world production of polyester resin for powder coating manufacturers are mainly tributyltin compounds selected as a catalyst for the esterification reaction of the polyester resin(PVC Resin Powder),which itself will be permanently left in the molecular structure of the polyester resin and precipitated with time gradually migrate to the surface the environment and bio- mutagenic effect. With the increase of environmental pressure in the reaction of synthetic resin,the selection of catalytic no pollution or pollution of the environment has become an urgent need to solve the current problem. At present, the choice of a titanium-based products and non- catalytic butyl tin catalyzed product,wherein the presence of a catalytic titanium-based product susceptible to hydrolysis , poor stabilit , the polyester resin used for the synthesis of long reaction time , the yellow color problem , there are many technical problems solved,did not promote the use of large scale.Instead of butyl tin products are changing the structure and catalytic hydrocarbon species , which serve to reduce the effect of environmental hazards .
On the other hand,China's large trade market introduction in 2010, the European Union (EU) 276/2010 (REACH) regulation , the use of organic tin compounds proposed new limits , usage can not exceed 0.1%. In order to adapt to this new change , the domestic industry is currently powder polyester resins in the study have a catalytic product does not contain tributyltin powder coating resin production . The organic tin compound is a metal organic compound of tin and carbon bonded directly to the formation of two kinds of elements , the formula RnSnX4-n, in the formula , n = 3, the organic tin compound poisonous , n = 1 and n = 2, the organic followed by the toxicity of tin compounds , n = 4 the toxicity of organotin compounds is low or non-toxic. The nature of the R group in the general formula has a great influence on the toxicity of the compound when R is propyl or butyl , most of its biological activity , the greatest impact.

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