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Sodium TripolyPhosphate (STPP)

  • Chemical formula: Na5P3O10
  • Molecular weight: 367.86
  • PH value (1% water solution): 9.2-10.0
  • Whiteness % ≥ 90
  • Density (g/cm 3 ) 0.70-0.90
  • Appearance White powder

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■ Full Data

Chemical formula:Na5P3O10
Molecular weight:367.86
White powder, surface density: 0.35-0.9g/cm3, melting point:622℃, free soluble in water, aqueous solution appears acid. It is a kind of inorganic surface active agent.


Index Technical Grade
Assay Na5P3O10 % ≥ 94.0
P2 O 5 % ≥ 57.0
Water Insoluble Matter % ≤ 0.15
Iron(Fe) % ≤ 0.015
PH value (1% water solution) 9.2-10.0
Whiteness % ≥ 90
Density (g/cm 3 ) 0.70-0.90
Phase I 10-30
Particle Size(1.00mm) % ≥ 95
Appearance White powder

Used as one of the main auxiliaries for synthetic detergent, synergist for soap; water softener, tanning agent for leather making, auxiliary for dyeing; As an effective dispersion agent for suspensions of coatings, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and drilling mud etc.; As an oil contamination resistance agent in paper production. In foodstuff industry it is used as quality improver in the process of canned food, fruit juice drinks, foodstuffs from milk or soybeans. It may tender the meat in canned ham and soften the skin of horse bean in canned horse bean. It may also serves as a softener or densifier in foodstuff industry.

25kg or 50Kg/woven bag lined with PE liner, or 1000 Kg/Container bag; 20-25mt/20 feet containe.


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