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Zhengzhou Vidar Water Industrial Co.Ltd.
Head Office: No.32, Agri-Tech Road, Zhengzhou.
P.R. 45000

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Vidar Walter Industrial Co.Ltd is one of the leading organizations engaged in producing and exporting basic chemicals materials for series industrial applications. We have own three factories which mainly manufacture and deep-processing Surfactant for SLES/SLS/SDBS, and STPP(Sodium Tripolyphosphate), PAC(Polyaluminium Chloride). We are the first Flocculant manufacturing and research base founded by State Key Laboratory of Environment Aquatic Chemistry, China Academy of Sciences in Henan Province .We enjoyed strong development and research capacity of new products, strice management and complete testing equipments, which ensure the quality and stability of our products.

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Zhengzhou Vidar Walter Industrial Co.Ltd
Head Office: No.32, Agri-Tech Road, Zhengzhou,P.R. China
Post Code:45000

Vidar Walter Industrial Company Limited
Factory add: Zhitian High-Tech Industrial Zone,Zhitian Town,Gongyi City.P.R. China
Post Code: 45000

Tel: 0086 371 66722268
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