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  • Methanol

    Methanol is a kind of organic compounds, usually used as a solvent, antifreeze, fuel or neutralizing agent.

  • Pentaerythritol

    Properties: White crystal powder without any visible foreign matters.slightly soluted in alcohol, dissolvable in benzene, ether and petroleum ether etc.,

  • vinyl acetate

    Ethyl acetate, it is colorless transparent liquid, has a fruity, volatile, sensitive to air, can absorb moisture, moisture can make its slow and acidic decomposition reaction.

  • Barium Sulfate 98%

    White formless powder,relative density 4.50g/cm³ (15°C),melting point 1580°C.No taste and no poisonous.Acid and alkali-resistant,mohs hardness(3-3.5),can Absorb X-ray and other dangerous radiation.

  • Iron Oxide Red/Yellow

    Iron Oxide Red/Yellow are chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen. All together, there are sixteen known iron oxides and oxyhydroxides.

  • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Rutile

    Titanium dioxide rutile is widely used in the industries of aqueous and solvent-based exterior paints, electro-deposition paints, coating, plastics, rubber, printing ink, high quality paper, waxed paper and leather finishes, cosmetics etc.

  • Sulphur black

    The sulphur black is mainly used dyeing on cotton,also used dyeing on cambric,viscose and vinylon.

  • Lithopone

    Lithopone is a white pigment consisting of a mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide. It is used in interior paints and in some enamels. Lithopone is widely used for white paint.

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