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Sodium Aluminate

  • Items: Specification
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Al2O3 %: 53-55
  • Na2O % Min: 40
  • Na2O/Al2O3: 1.20-1.25

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  • Sodium Aluminate
  • Sodium Aluminate
  • Sodium Aluminate
  • Sodium Aluminate
■ Full Data

Product: Sodium Aluminate
Other names: aluminium sodium dioxide; SodiumaluminatecaHO; dialuminum; oxygen(-2) anion; sodiooxysodium
Molecular formula: NaAlO2
Appearance: White powder


•Oilfield: Drilling Mud and Lost Circulation Additives
•Concrete engineering: As Cement and Concrete Additives for solidifying concrete or as part of a concrete adhesive
•Refractory Cement Additives
•Papermaking: As a filling agent, when used with aluminum sulfate
•Water treatment: Reduces hardness and accelerates floc settling
•Petrochemical: Catalysts or catalyst carrier
•Others: textile, dye/printing, pharmacy, rubber, detergent, metal surface treatment


Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Al2O3 % 53-55
Na2O % Min 40
Na2O/Al2O3 1.20-1.25
Iron ppm Max 100
Water Insoluble % Max 0.1


Packaging: In 25 KG bag or as customer requested.

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