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Soda Ash Light

  • MF: NaCO3
  • Molecular Weight: 105.99
  • CAS No: 497-19-8

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  • Soda Ash Light
  • Soda Ash Light
  • Soda Ash Light
  • Soda Ash Light
■ Full Data


Molecular Weight: 105.99
CAS No.: 497-19-8

White crystal powder, and easily dissolvable in water with alkaline aqueous solution and heat-release, liable to deliquesce;react with acid and yield salt.



Items Specification
Total Base Content(As Na2co3 On Dry Base)% 99.2min
Chloride(As Nacl, On Dry Base)% 0.70max
Iron(As Fe, On Dry Base)% 0.0035max
Insoluble Matter In Water% 0.03max
Loss On Ignition% 0.8max
Sulphate(As So4=On Dry Base)% 0.03max

Soda ash is one of the basic materials for chemical industry, mainly used for metallurgy, glass, textile, dye printing, medicine, synthetic detergent, petroleum and food industry etc.

In 25kgs,40kgs,50kgs1000kgs bags

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