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Sodium hydrosulfide 70%

  • Synonyms: Sodium bisulfide
  • Molecular Formula: NaSH
  • EINECS: 240-778-0
  • CAS No: 16721-80-5

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  • NaSH
  • sodium-bisulfide
  • sodium-hydrosulfide
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Specification Flake form
Purity(NaSH) 70%min
Fe 30 PPM(0.003%)max
Na2S 3 %max



1)Dyestuff industry used in synthetic organic intermediate and preparation of sulfur dye additives,
2)Leather industry used in raw hide the depilation and tanned leather,Also used in wastewater treatment.
3)Mining industry is used extensively for copper ore dressing


Sodium Hydrosulphide is recommended to be kept only in closed, properly labeled containers. Do nor store in zinc,
aluminum, or copper containers. Sodium Hydrosulphide is stored in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being
deliquescent. Separated from acids, acidic materials, oxidizing agents.

Packing: 25kg pp bag



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