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Zinc oxide Rubber/Coating grade

  • Indirect(french) process
  • CAS: 1314-13-2
  • Rubber & tyre packing.
  • 5.ISO9001: 2008 certificated

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  • Zinc oxide Rubber Coating grade
  • Zinc oxide Rubber Coating grade supplier
  • Zinc oxide Rubber Coating grade company
■ Full Data

Zinc oxide
Indirect(french) process
Rubber & tyre packing.
5.ISO9001:2008 certificated

The production process details of our product.
The chosen of our raw material.
Main material-zinc ingot metal.
Zinc ingot metal which satisfies the international standard is used in our production.

Main material-coal.
The coal which is the origin of heat during our production is purchased from the main origin of coal in China-Shanxi province. The purity and the burning efficency of the coal make sure the high efficency of the production and the quality of the final product.

The production process.
Indirect process is used during our production. The shoulder to shoulder production of our two machines can make our production up to the quantity of 300 M.T. per month.

The quality control.
We have a team of highly-educated and experienced staff in our quality control department. They have been doing their job well since 2001 when the company is established. Although we have many fixed customers since 2001, we still examine every batch of our product. Our product is ISO9001:2008 certificated, too.

Grade The content to be examined standard The statistics That should be The actual statistics
N Zinc oxide % GB/T3185 >=99.70 99.79
N Insoluble object in the hydrochloric acid GB/T3185 <=0.05 0.001
N The object that can volatilize GB/T3185 <=0.5 0.1
N The quantity that is lost when burned GB/T3185 <=0.2 0.2
M Lead oxide GB/T3185 <=0.14 0.001
C Screen tailings GB/T3185 <=0.20 0.05

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