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Ethyl Acetate

  • MF: C4H8O2
  • Molecular Weight.: 88.11
  • CAS No.: 141-78-6

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  • vinyl acetate
  • vinyl acetate
  • vinyl acetate
■ Full Data

Molecular Weight:88.11
CAS No:141-78-6 Characterisics:
Ethyl acetate, it is colorless transparent liquid, has a fruity, volatile, sensitive to air, can absorb moisture, moisture can make its slow and acidic decomposition reaction. With chloroform, ethanol, acetone and ethyl ether immiscible, soluble in water. Can dissolve certain metal salts, such as lithium chloride, cobalt chloride, zinc chloride, ferric chloride, etc. Specification:

Ethyl acetate % ≥ 99.9%
Acidity(by acetic acid) % ≤ 0.004
Water % ≤ 0.10
Density g/cm3 0.897—0.902
Evaporation deposits % ≤ 0.001
Color(APHA) ≤ 10


1.One of very important organic chemical raw materials and widely used. As an important industrial solvent, it is mainly used in such products as paintings, adhesives, ethylcellulose, leatheroid, malthoid colorant and synthetic fibers etc. 2.It is also used as an adhesive in the production of printing ink and Venetian pearl, used as a distillation agent in the production of medical use medicines and organic acid etc., and used as fruit essences such as pineapple and banana etc. and as perfume such as usquebaugh and butter etc. Packaging: In 180kg drum ,totally 14.4 MT/20'FCL

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