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Aluminium Sulphate (Alum)

  • Appearance: White flakes/granules/ power
  • Water-insoluble Matter: 0.15%max
  • As: 0.0005% max
  • CPb: 0.002% max
  • Size: 15mm max

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  • Aluminium Sulphate (Alum)
■ Full Data

【Product description】
Molecular Formula: AL2(SO4)3
Properties: Including anhydrous and hydrous(18 crystal water) type. Usually, the crystal separated out from aqueous solution at the normal temperature is Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3.18H 2 O; When weathering, the average molecular structure is Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3.14H 2 O, may appear white powdery, with bright flake or crystalline flakelet, odorless, to change the taste from sweetness to slight astringency.

Aluminium sulphate 16%

Appearance: White flakes/granules/ power
Al2O3 16% min
Fe 0.4% max
pH value 3.0 min
Water-insoluble Matter 0.15% max
As 0.0005% max
Pb 0.002% max
Size 15mm max


Aluminium sulphate 17%

Appearance: White flakes/granules/ power
Al2O3 17% min
Fe 0.01% max
pH value 2.6 min
Water-insoluble Matter 0.15% max
As 0.0005% max
Pb 0.002% max
Size 15mm max


(1)Treatment of drinking water and industrial water. 
(2)High-grade paper making.
(3)High-grade titanium pigment production.

 25/50 kgs in net bag, 25 mts in the 20’FCL


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