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  • copper sulfate

    Copper Sulphate is widely used in agriculture as fertilizer;fungicides;insecticides;growth stimulant for fattening pigs and broiler chickens etc.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium bicarbonate is white small crystals, the solubility of less than sodium carbonate in the water.

  • Soda Ash Light

    White crystal powder, and easily dissolvable in water with alkaline aqueous solution and heat-release, liable to deliquesce;react with acid and yield salt.

  • NaSH

    Sodium hydrosulfide 70% is used in the synthesis of organic intermediates and in the preparation of auxiliary agent of sulfur dyes; in the waste water treatment; it is the raw material to produce ammonium sulphate and ethanethiol (semi-finished products); used in the copper ore beneficiation, also in the sulfurous acid dyeing of manmade fibres.

  • sodium sulphate

    Sodium sulphate is used as materials for synthetic detergent, glass, papermaking, inorganic salts, dyestuff,alcohol fibre, tanning, metal smelting, surface treatment and filler industries etc.

  • Acetic Acid Glacial Tech/ Food Grade

    Glacial Acetic Acid as one of most important organic raw materials, it is mainly used in such products as Vinyl acetate, acetic anhydride, diketene, acetate ester, acetate, acetate fiber and chloroactic acid etc.

  • Sodium Metabisulfite

    Sodium metabisulfite or sodium pyrosulfite is an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5. Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative agent.

  • Sodium Formate

    Sodium formate is used in several fabric dyeing and printing processes.Sodium Formate is also used as a buffering agent for strong mineral acids to increase their pH, and as a food additive.

  • Oxalic Acid

    Oxalic Acid 99.6% is an organic compound with the formula H2C2O4. Oxalic Acid is a colorless crystalline solid that dissolves in water to give colorless solutions. Oxalic Acid is classified as a dicarboxylic acid.

  • Formic Acid

    Formic acid is the simplest carboxylic acid. Its chemical formula is HCOOH or HCO2H. It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in the venom of bee and ant stings.

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