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  • Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) 96%

    MF: CH3(CH2)11C6H4SO3H
    Molecular Weight: 326.494
    CAS No.: 27176-87-0
    UN No.: 2586, DangerousCharacterisics:
    LABSA has the action of detergency

  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) 68%

    Items Industrial Grade Food Grade
    Total phosphates (as P2O5 )% ≥ 68 68
    Inactive Phosphates %≤ 7.5 7.5
    Iron (Fe) % ≤ 0.05 0.05
    PH Value 6.0 -7.3 5.8 - 6.5
    Heavy Metals (as Pb) % ≤ 0.001
    Arsenic (As)% ≤ 0.0003
    Fluoride (as F) % ≤ 0.003

  • Caustic Soda Flake Pearl

    Caustic Soda Flake Pearl 99% is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of soaps, detergents, textiles and paper. Also, in water softening and treatment, drilling mud in oil field, refining petroleum products, in sanitation, hygiene products. In food and drug industry, it is used as acidity regulator, alkali, impregnant’s pigment.

  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES 70%)

    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performance.Sodium laureth sulfate is easily dissolved in water. SLES is widely used in liquid detergent,such as dishware,shampoo,bubble bath and hand cleaner,ect.

  • Sodium TripolyPhosphate supplier

    White powder, surface density: 0.35-0.9g/cm3, melting point:622℃, free soluble in water, aqueous solution appears acid. It is a kind of inorganic surface active agent.

  • Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid 96%

    Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid can be neutralized with caustic soda ( NaOH) to form sodium alkylbenzene sulphonate-an extensively applied anionic surfactant.

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