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How much polyacrylamide residue should be controlled


Polyacrylamide residue should control how much ? Generally, polyacrylamide amount of residual acrylamide only control but also control the amount of 0.05% or less , most of the country's drinking water standards are generally processed content in the water will be lower than 0.25ug / L, according Protection Agency or the Food , approved by FDA , this time can be used in the field of drinking water, juice clarification , fruits, vegetables and washing .
The PAM(Polyacrylamide) principle is non-toxic, but the raw material monomer AM PAM is toxic , the toxicity of this substance on mammalian nerve damage , precisely because of this serious dangers , European countries, including all of our food PAM level of residual monomer content of AM has very strict requirements , generally require less than 0.05% , in addition to the content required, the usage is also limited , but in wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and other areas of application , the staff did not need to worry about the toxicity of PAM ( residual monomer ) on the human body injury.
Water treatment agent polyacrylamide flocculation mechanism is different from the potential of ferric chloride , aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride coagulant basic concept of cohesion,so polyacrylamide coagulant can not be said,because the amount of main machine bridging adsorption based only said flocculant.

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