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How to test the PAC coagulation effect in prcess


Examine the effect of specific polyaluminum chloride coagulation and sedimentation process method described.
polyaluminum chloride(PAC)coagulation and sedimentation effects of test equipment is the main electric coagulation testing machine, the test, the first raw water poured into a 1000 ml beaker beaker into the test machine base, start button , push- up cup tester on position, mixing, dosing is stopped , automatically lowering the cup operation . After settling time , sound, light signals , with the latex tube about 150 ml supernatant carefully , using photoelectric nephelometer turbidity measurement surplus , according to Ken She left turbidity size , or the same dosage size under the residual turbidity compared according to coagulation and sedimentation effects. Generally use the residual turbidity of 10 mg / l dosage , dosage that is equivalent to adding a relatively standard.
 To determine the effect of each batch of purified PAC (PAC30%), or to determine the optimum conditions for the production process , and to determine the use of PAC 's water programs and vary according to water quality, operating conditions , to determine the most cost-effective investment polyaluminum chloride dosage and dosing methods can be PAC coagulation and sedimentation effects test.
Blade rotation speed and the time required can be adjusted in advance , the mixing speed can be used 100-150 rev / min and stirred for 2-5 minutes , flocculation can be used 60-20 rev / min speed and stirred for 5-15 minutes. Which specific parameters adopted ,can be determined according to the conditions of production equipment and testing requirements and the raw water quality modeling .
PAC concentrations generally measured by using the standard volumetric flask , diluted to 1% , that every one milligram ml of diluent containing coagulants , 1000 ml raw water , just as 1 mg / L , measuring more convenient. Large turbidity of raw water can be diluted to a concentration of 1% . PAC should be used with the dilution , after a long time in order to avoid coagulation effect hydrolysis make changes . Coagulation indicators in addition to residual turbidity , there are floc formation rate , size, settling velocity , state and other projects.

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