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What problem large polyacrylamide have during transport


Since polyacrylamide China is widely used in many industries , so the demand for polyacrylamide is great, but a lot of polyacrylamide in the process of transportation , you need to pay attention to some problems, described in detail below .
1.Before transportation polyacrylamide, polyacrylamide China must pay attention to add plastic liner , should not be stored in direct contact with the metal container ;
2.In the transportation,storage polyacrylamide should be kept sealed,dry,dark,prevent high temperature to avoid moisture absorption,degradation deterioration.
Some considerations when the polyacrylamide is transported:
1.Polyacrylamide(anionic polyacrylamide) is a hazardous chemical or not ?
PAM does not belong to dangerous chemicals , so the logistics and transport in general is not required to prove the creation of some chemical products , generally when the entire wholesale goods, at the time of shipment,we will be included on the product batches and product certificate and instructions . If the hair sample bags of rail or air transport to go around because of provisions varies , some places require risk assessment report issued by a number of products and so on .
2.It will not get wet ?
On the product packaging we use a moisture-proof paper bag lined bag + package , which can effectively prevent product loss during transportation polyacrylamide China due to rainy weather caused. When selecting shipping logistics will be responsible for selecting some of the regular shipment logistics companies .
3.On time delivery
After the general logistics department received delivery orders will be arranged according to the order polyacrylamide China product content , and will confirm delivery locations and related services personnel and expected arrival period , such as the product model shortages will notify the production department to coordinate and advise customers to renegotiate delivery cycle issues. 4.The choice of the form of consignment
Domestic common form of company car checked with the logistics company automobile and railway transport and passenger shipping and other , more frequent use of the Automotive logistics company , company car , mainly in the province , and some large orders , select the logistics company will be determined in consultation with the client , or specified by the customer , usually for a number of railway transport expedited minor orders.


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