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What is PAC detailed process in oily wastewater treatment


Mainly refers to the so-called oily wastewater pollutants generated by petrochemical companies in the mining process, if the oil sludge mishandling direct emissions , not only directly affect the soil and groundwater resources, but for us this on scarce oil resources but also a huge waste. First, when the first oil oilfield wastewater treatment , and then to other treatment,degreasing degreasing processes are inclined tube (light oil floating, scraper scraped,heavy sink,pipe discharge ),flotation machine to remove emulsified oil . Removal of emulsified oil flotation machine works well , but it should be done for oil in water emulsion-breaking experiment , then the selected dosing PAC(poly aluminum chloride) and other agents.
Polyaluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulant , the larger the polymerization bridging role hydroxide ion and multivalent anions produced molecular weight, high charge-inorganic polymer treatment agent. Because of oilfield wastewater treatment process is relatively complex , currently generally use a specific polyaluminum chloride purifying agent plus polyacrylamide depth treatment , oilfield wastewater by electrochemical methods of sulfide oxidation of elemental sulfur , and chlorine using aggregation aluminum as a flocculant desulfurization . The effects of coagulant dosage , mixing and stirring time affect the strength of the flocculant desulfurization , the results showed that when the PAC concentration of 0.8g / L, stirring speed 100r/min, stirring time of 4min , the flocculation best value of the minimum water turbidity , pH close to neutral . Prolapse include crude oil sewage water ( also known as oil field produced water ) , drilling wastewater and the other types of oily wastewater station polyaluminum chloride . Oilfield wastewater treatment based on oil production, environmental and other factors that can have a variety of ways.


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