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Poly aluminium chloride should use specific treatment in oilfield wastewater


By the Poly aluminium chloride,Oilfield wastewater treatment based on oil production, environmental and other factors that can have a variety of ways .
The Poly aluminium chloride (PAC)( solid ) at room temperature water with a weight ratio of 1:3 adding with stirring,until the complete dissolution , then diluted with water to the desired concentration. Raw water turbidity 100-500mg / I , the dosage of 3-6mg / I.
The specific dosing should be based on a small test water quality, to select the best dosage, and then put into use .
When the poly aluminium chloride (eg,PAC 30%) with a lot of oilfield wastewater flocculation flocculation substance floating in the pool surface, these substances is to remove the need to use other methods , such as scraper scraped away , a special fishing net bag to go. There you encounter floating oil layer , indicating that the dosage is not enough or did not adequately and sewage mixing .
Crude oil extraction and refining process of adding additives tend to have an anionic surfactant , these things can change the surface tension of water in oil , to facilitate the removal of water from the oil . In the process of petroleum processing , these additives section and a mixture of water and residual oil is discharged in the form of miscellaneous wastewater. Since these additives have residual water , the surface tension of water and other type of residual contaminants in the oil heteroaryl who was in the form of emulsion present in the wastewater . Since the change in surface tension , water and some of the oil and other impurities are not actually in direct contact with water molecules,but also between each emulsion polymerization is also difficult to form a suspension. It is generally difficult to work or physical agents coagulation effect is poor.

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