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Why polyaluminum chloride keep last long use in the water treatment field


Generated from the drum production process,and later have developed a method for the production of spray-drying , which is by far the most advanced production technology , no matter how technology changes in the development of polymeric aluminium chloride , Henan, China was once considered to be the country's industry production base . Understanding of the development of polyaluminum chloride why we come to look at the use of long-lasting treatment , " summed up the three points we can fully explain essentially :
1:Polyaluminum chloride in the industry all the purifying agent series,the most affordable price , the major cost is calcium aluminum powder , the price of hydrochloric acid to decide. Calcium aluminum powder we have an advantage, we have plenty of bauxite , hydrochloric acid are some local manufacturers guarantee an adequate supply of low-cost sales , but also for the PAC prices played a good role in the joint .
2:For low new people's awareness of water treatment chemicals,used to use the PAC-polyaluminum chloride to replace the product if other drugs are not sure,use the unit in which the laboratory is also very understanding of their products , if replacement of other agents may increase the cost of training , the long-term development of the PAC has not be easily replaced by other agents , on the other hand is the high cost caused by other agents ,
3: The important point is that the total PAC treatment effect is very good , flocculation and sedimentation speed and other factors. Faced with the current use of the manufacturers do not need to replace the new agents. 

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