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How to deal with municipal sewage by PAC


 In daily life , the use of PAC great life can be widely used in purification , process water , sewage , industrial waste water / sewage , low temperature and low erosion water purification treatment , paper making, tannery wastewater treatment, power plant ash waste water recycling, printing and dyeing,wool,wastewater to COD, BOD and SS bleaching purification, currently on the market is very mature and stable a water treatment products.
 1. PAC Performance:
Sewage treatment with PAC (Polyaluminium Chloride) referred to PAC, also commonly known as basic aluminum chloride or coagulant . Yellow or yellowish color , dark brown , dark gray resin-like solid. The product has a strong bridge adsorption, hydrolysis process, the physical and chemical processes associated with the occurrence of condensation, adsorption and precipitation .
Sewage treatment PAC fundamental difference with the traditional inorganic coagulant is traditional inorganic coagulant for low molecular weight crystalline salt,and PAC 's structure consists of multi- hydroxy complex and varied forms composed of non- amorphous inorganic polymer , which exhibits many Unlike traditional PAC coagulant specific coagulation function.
Production of aluminum , calcium adjustment PAC products basicity ( basicity ) can significantly increase the production and application of the hair is very obvious economic benefits , basicity increased from 65% to 92% , the production of raw material costs can be reduced by 10% for costs can be reduced by 40 %. Water is better than other similar products in the production process .
    2. PAC content :26- 32%
    3. PAC use:
    (1 ) water at room temperature and the solid product 1:2.5-1:3 ( weight ratio) mixture was stirred for 30 minutes , and so pharmaceutical completely dissolved, diluted or diluted with water 30-40 times according to the desired concentration for a liquid ( source water turbidity large, diluted with water twice more ) .
( 2 ) the source water turbidity at 100-500mg / L , the dosage of 5-10mg per thousand tons of water dosage is 5-10Kg. The former with the best water quality characteristics according to a small trial , choosing the best value, and then put into use .

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