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The common causes are polyacrylamide supply


Supply polyacrylamide lot harder than a few years ago, summed up the reason more, the following describes some common causes:
One reason: the use of polyacrylamide industry increased. With increasing recognition of the market and the polyacrylamide(cationic polyacrylamide,etc) increasingly applied to different industries,less some special industries , there is no can learn from experience, this must be a reason.
Two reasons: the traditional use of polyacrylamide sewage treatment enterprises to use more difficult . It mainly due to the current serious pollution, water quality caused by more complex , more complex water quality requirements on the higher polyacrylamide, so while polyacrylamide supply, but also to vigorously improve research,developed with more new products to , it is difficult to adapt to the current needs of wastewater treatment market.
Reason Three:Some medium and small enterprises caused polyacrylamide shock. Under normal circumstances,to produce a line of polyacrylamide to up to 1,000 million, despite higher production costs , but the quality of the products produced are excellent . Some medium and small enterprises invest several million dollars, and even some of his own equipment to imitate someone else to do it , so that the production line made.
Out of the product quality is not up to the national standard , but the price is very cheap indeed , for some customers prefer the pursuit of cheap , is indeed an attractive , which is caused by the increased difficulty of polyacrylamide supply a reason .
Overall, the reasons are many, no matter how, we will do a good job of their products , to reward those loyal partners and customers.


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