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The polyaluminum chloride you want to know well


Polyaluminum chloride-PAC : Short PAC, also commonly referred to as basic aluminum chloride or flocculant , it is between ALCL3 and AL (OH) a water-soluble inorganic polymer , between the Chemical Formula 3 [AL2 (OH) NCL6-NLm] wherein m represents the degree of polymerization ,the n represents the degree of PAC neutral product . Color reddish brown or pale yellow solid. The product has a strong bridge adsorption performance , during the hydrolysis process , accompanied by physical and chemical processes occurring polyhydroxy aggregation , adsorption and precipitation .
The fundamental difference between PAC and the traditional inorganic coagulant is traditional inorganic coagulant for low molecular weight crystalline salt,while the structure of poly aluminum chloride by the changing composition of complex shape, flocculation and sedimentation speed for PH value wide range of non-corrosive piping equipment , water purification effect is obvious, can effectively support in addition to the water color quality SS, COD, BOD , and arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals, which are widely used for drinking water , industrial water and wastewater treatment collar.
Polyaluminum chloride product features:
1 , floc forming fast , good activity , good filtration .
2 , without adding alkaline additives, such as the case deliquescence , the effect of the same.
3 , adapted to a wide PH value , adaptable , and versatile.
4 , the treated low salinity water .
5 , can remove heavy metals and radioactive substances to water pollution.


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