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The effect analysis was given the polyacrylamide


A recent study showed that after photolysis aerobic or anaerobic treatment effective mineralization resulting polymer.This study providing evidence that acrylamide polymer is a naturally broken down potential biodegradation indirect that does not exist or accumulate in the environment.
Two recent major environmental risk assessment shows that anionic polyacrylamide does not mean that damage to the environment . Netherlands wastewater authority calculated PEC / NEC rate is well below 1 organic polyelectrolyte is generally considered its use in wastewater treatment does not pose a danger to the natural environment. Another comment polyelectrolyte through environmental agency believes the UK ,anionic polyacrylamide, like other organic polyelectrolyte , not a priority perceived environmental quality standards (EQS) for environmental issues and concerns .
Chemical properties
Chemical Name : with a 2 - polyacrylamide polymer salt Other names : copolymers of acrylamide and acrylic acid,acrylamide , sodium acrylate copolymer
Physical and chemical properties
MW: more than one million Daltons , typically greater than 5000000
Solubility: completely miscible in water and other solvents insoluble
pH: in the solution 6-8 5g / L
Apparent density ; 1.08
Melting Point :> 150C
Aquatic organisms Toxicology
A. Toxicity to fish
B. Toxicity for fleas
C. Toxicity to algae
D. toxic bacteria


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