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Salt polyacrylamide polymer have the flooding effect


Currently,world oil commonly used in high molecular weight polyacrylamide PAM for flooding and made many satisfactory results,while higher tackifying salt polyacrylamide polymer and has greater resistance coefficient,residual resistance factor,showing the adjusted water injection profile , increasing oil precipitation rate and other characteristics.
Salt polyacrylamide polymer flooding better performance and improve field development supporting technology to ensure the success of the field test.Salt polyacrylamide polymer applications,one to improve the performance of the polymer solution , in the original polymer flooding technology to further enhance the level of oil recovery;Second,salt polymer polyacrylamide(anionic polyacrylamide)polymer flooding than ordinary savings amount,reducing the economic costs of polymer flooding ; Third, reducing the demand for industrial polymers of low salinity water , rational use of oil field produced water , so as to enhance the overall strength of the three oil recovery technology development for the post- high water to further enhance oilfield yield established a new effective way to create a huge economic and social benefits.

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