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Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate has the humane design in use


Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) no evidence or without S9 metabolic activation mutagenicity. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate no evidence of increased cell transformation in vitro transformation. In the in vivo study, no significant difference was found chromosomal aberrations, mice were given oral doses of 800 mg / kg body weight / day or dietary dose of 1170 mg / kg bw / day. Micronuclei in mouse studies, no teratogenic effects induced in. Given dietary doses up to 450 baloney mg / kg bw / day also showed no significant differences in chromosomal aberrations.
Overall, these data support, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate is not genotoxic.
LAS current stage in the production, the production process is designed to maximize the yield and minimize the potential for release. Workers may be exposed to detergent formulations in powder or liquid contact with the skin powder inhalation. Good design for manufacturing (eg, closed production practices agglomeration process, exhaust ventilation, dust) and personal protective equipment (such as protective clothing, goggles, gloves) in the facility is expected to produce liquid and dry (granules / powder) materials to reduce workers exposure to LAS(linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid). Any linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, is not included in a product is recycled into the production process, from the dust handling equipment captured. LAS in a limited number may be used as the aqueous solution was washed with a dilute solution, a washing operation in the manufacturing process and discharges into the waste water treatment. With the dry weight (particle / powder) products (for example, from the garbage on the floor) can be set in a landfill. LAS containing surfactants and other consumer product labels include irritation of the eyes, rinse with water and first aid instructions potential warning.


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