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How the polyacrylamide can be applied in wastewater treatment


Currently domestic sewage sludge treatment industry on how to deal with this problem sound is still very important, sludge treatment presumably will become a new starting point for the expansion and development of large-scale sewage treatment industry in the future .
In recent years, China's chemical industry wastewater and urban sewage emissions are increasing year by year,the sewage treatment has become a hot issue we are concerned with the international community.Whether sewage or wastewater treatment chemicals will become the focus of future development.Currently our coverage of China 's sewage facility has more than 92% , less than 80% of the load of the wastewater treatment plant . As in recent years, government supervision for wastewater treatment enhanced capital investment is constantly increasing, the quantity and quality of wastewater treatment can greatly improve and enhance the scale sewage treatment flocculant polyacrylamide will drive the rapid growth of demand.We have a leading manufacturer of polyacrylamide. Polyacrylamide production technology and rich experience in the use of the service , can supply the bulk of a typical polyacrylamide.PAM flocculation products can also provide personalized products,polyacrylamide product sales will continue to grow. Cationic polyacrylamide-CPAM produced in sewage sludge treatment , sludge treatment can improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. With the use of the amount of cationic polyacrylamide sludge treatment plant construction and operation of a large and growing rapidly.


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