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How to getting rid of copper by poly ferric sulfate


The poly ferric sulfate has the process and principle in getting rid of copper
Use Poly Ferric Sulfate -PFS as a flocculant, combine lime and sodium sulfide in wastewater applied to the addition of copper to the effect is very good, except for copper what role PFS play in the reaction ? The answer is that PFS should be a coagulant , lime regulate PH value .
In order to improve efficiency and control the water treatment PH,our company dosing sequence of the segment were adjusted as follows: water → rapid mixing tank ( plus ferrous sulfate , plus lime ) → PH adjustment tank ( before adding sulfuric acid ferrous , plus sulfide ) → slow mixing tank ( plus pam) → → sedimentation tank effluent . Adjust the dosing sequence , the principle of treatment is the use of lime precipitation Cu2 +, PFS as flocculants, sodium sulfide plays a major role in breaking contact , polyacrylamide flocculant , and by adjusting the "PH adjustment tank " PFS dosage the size of the effluent PH control in 9 or less. After adjusting for the use of flow process , saving the subsequent addition of an acid neutralization tank effluent PH adjustment link, save the use of sulfuric acid , and the treatment effect is diminished.
Poly ferric sulfate on board wastewater network in addition to breaking the principle of copper methods:
Poly ferric sulfate theoretically break contact to copper under acidic conditions (PH = 3) using ferric sulfate substitution that Cu2 + liberated from the EDTA-Cu , EDTA-Fe except generated ; then liberated by the addition of Cu2 + base generate Cu (OH) 2 precipitation, thereby reducing the water out of copper ions. The original section of the integrated treatment process of the sewage treatment station : water → rapid mixing tank ( plus ferrous sulfate ) → PH adjustment tank ( before adding lime , plus sulfide ) → slow mixing tank ( plus PAM) → sedimentation tank → neutralization tank ( sulfuric acid ) → water . Adjusting pool water PH ≈ 3.5-4.5, another recent sedimentation tank often have tiny suspended solids wafting phenomenon is not resolved , because there is a problem and the use of drug usage , you can do some small scale .


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