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The polyaluminium chloride use test in the warm mineral water


Domestic manufacturers have chosen coagulant " PAC " for the warm mineral water fluoride , not only because of its high efficiency, speed , and more importantly, because the temperature of the water body 's own mineral composition of the decision , and many warm mineral water are 1400 meters from the ground floor,( by micro analysis and identification of multiple mineral salt compound ), the original composition and the water quality of the water to maintain a structure is not destroyed , in order to keep the mineral which has medical value ; two is added to ensure that the chemicals will not bring people back some toxic byproducts or other trace substances. Experiments show that these two objectives can be reached , you can get a better water quality proven by a single laboratory.
Mineral indicators means: lithium, silver , iodine , Australia, zinc , selenium, silicic acid, free nine indicators such as CO2 and salinity , which has an accord can be called natural mineral water for drinking , but the additional condition that strontium content of 0.2 a 0.4mg / l, silicic acid was measured at 250.0 years to make a 30.0mg / l and the water temperature above 20 ℃ or water isotopes in the additional conditions for more than 10 years before drinking natural mineral called water.
With poly aluminium chloride fluoride,mineral water quality changed little, be good examples of mineral water in addition to atmosphere . This mineral products are being in trial production .
Data obtained from these two tables is more than five times the average value after the experiment , the results of the analysis report taken ( the error in the range of 0.001 ) .
Weight and dosage of fluoride ratio of 130:1 here , which is to make F levels in the water 1.0MG / L or less. ( This is the state of the F content of ordinary drinking water standards ) .
The experiments also show that the dosage of mineral water vapor content of 6.4mg / l when 0.8g / l is about : and f content 3.24mg / l Dosing required approximately 0.4g / l or so. The less the amount of drugs added , the smaller the change in water quality . From an economic sense, poly aluminium chloride cheap, processing one ton of mineral water treatment amounting to a fraction of the price of money . Some people worry that this method increases CL fluoride , for which post- processing effects electrodialysis device is also very good, in this little narrative.
The good news is that after this method in mineral salt treatment , we found no detectable selenium raw water , a lot of information presentation , it has anti-cancer and enhance the role of the body's immune function .Probably in the raw water is six selenium hexafluoride atmosphere selenium acid is a complex form of selenium , potassium , etc. , after processing into se, this issue needs further research to explore . In summary, the warm mineral water fluoride is a cheap and effective method for the poly aluminium chloride.


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