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PAC secondary purification strictly ensure that the source water turbidity


"After joining the purifying agent, a source of water and PAC flocculation reaction, the reaction process is like making tofu added iodine in water, this is a common reaction purification Staff will always observe the source water changes in circumstances, and in accordance with the amount of water and source water turbidity changes to adjust the dosage. after precipitation, the source water turbidity will be strictly controlled in 3-5NTU less. "according to the company the personnel, after adding water purification agent, source of sediment, algae settling ponds at the lower end of the beginning of the precipitation reaction, when flocculation layer reaches a certain height, the staff will regularly take turns on the reaction tank and sedimentation tank sludge, in order to ensure the normal process of water purification and water source meet process requirements.

After reaction sedimentation pond water processing semi-finished products, but also must undergo further filtering gravity valveless ensure that the effluent turbidity control within 0.5NTU (national regulatory requirements ≤ 1NTU, special circumstances not to exceed 3NTU).

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