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PAC is an effective material handling sewage


Chemicals currently used mostly use the PAC and PFS , which is very early stereotypes processing capacity of two flocculants , they COD removal efficiency of around 30 %. The special coking wastewater flocculant , only 33% removal efficiency, and the price should be higher . For a variety of industry-specific nature of industrial waste , pollutant values ​​, the preparation and production of special super- coagulant , after field testing of multiple projects , compared to the traditional flocculant , COD removal rate is much higher , and can for the enterprise save a lot of costs.

Twenty years the company of " the pursuit of quality ; perfect" business philosophy , and constantly develop PAC agents such as water purification , expansion of business scale , first-class production equipment , strong technical force . polyaluminum chloride products have been extended to environmental fillers six series, more than 30 varieties. The first quality is better than the domestic industry , it applies to all kinds of filters, ion exchange, no valve filter, siphon filter , mobile water supply equipment and microfiltration, ultrafiltration , reverse osmosis , swimming pools, water desalination , etc. processing equipment , is ideal for water companies, sewage treatment plants, paper, pharmaceutical, brewing , power, metallurgy , ú gas, textile, printing and dyeing , petroleum, chemical industry , users all over the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and exported to Southeast Asia in the international market .

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