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Lithopone titanium dioxide price change and the use


According to relevant statistics titanium dioxide industry in mid- year price phenomenon, production line manufacturer and anatase titanium dioxide rutile product number instead of falling , but the price has dropped significantly , titanium dioxide industry into the low tide period.
The so-called "Golden September and Silver October ," With the industry needs to enter the off-season , demand for titanium dioxide have begun to enter the off-season , low prices page is inevitable, but the recent upgrade the main line manufacturers suddenly titanium dioxide prices, various titanium dioxide manufacturers have also follow, so that titanium dioxide prices rebounded , the highest increase of 10% over previous , but not increase the relevant departments in accordance with market demand and price forecasting titanium dioxide industry for some time in the future will continue to grow in the state.
Uses: Lithopone relatively sticky nature, high adhesion and color strength, and therefore particularly suitable for art paint . (Lithopone B311)Lithopone Mohs hardness , wear resistance and thus very small, lithopone low hardness in the system to ensure the high rheology. Therefore,lithopone in showing high brightness while retaining system pigment vividness and hue.Lithopone significant advantage is only a very small amount of binder can be dispersed in the use of the system in any well , low oil absorption, the amount of the base material ensures low.
Lithopone can whitening, titanium dioxide alone caused another to prevent yellowing oxidation reaction with the oil;due lithopone soft, low oil absorption, widely used for printing paste , printing paste made of plump , fastness , washable, treated lithopone production process to make storage more stable, made of calico good elasticity


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