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Lithopone ‘s application in social life coatings


With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level,the domestic construction industry has been rapid development , well-known raw material titanium dioxide is an important application of architectural coatings and titanium dioxide use is widespread , social life and is often used as coatings, plastics, paper , ink , cosmetics, rubber and many other areas.Due to the high purity rutile titanium dioxide , strong stability, high dispersion capacity , uniform particles , coloring is also very strong , dense crystalline internal structure , stability , and excellent shading performance,off -color capability is also very strong , and have many other advantages , social life often used as coatings applications,the one of the main raw material for the construction of industrial coatings .
Lithopone is a white powder(lithopone 28%, Lithopone 30%), a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate,non-toxic,it is also known as color lithopone,barium or zinc white color .
Lithopone is insoluble in water,an acidic substance may be decomposed to release the action of hydrogen sulfide , but not with a basic substance and a chemical reaction of hydrogen sulfide .
Lithopone has good heat resistance,the object can be coated to improve its weatherability lithopone and prevent algae, moss growth , and low in cost , easy to translucent white powder , after which the light blocking ratio of titanium white .
Lithopone by zinc sulfate after mixing and the precipitate barium sulfide solution , and then calcined to red hot , then pour into a sharp cooling water system.
Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of domestic production of titanium dioxide in the northern main processing.Product performance processing of titanium dioxide having high whiteness, high purity, good stable performance, high durability , high dispersion , etc., are widely used in industrial raw materials , powder coatings , purifying water , ink, sterilization sterilization , and many the industry the company has officially certified by UL security , but also in the management of production and processing entirely in strict accordance with the national ISO9001: 2000 quality management system for manufacturing.


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