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How to use the polyacrylamide products in water treatment


The composite flocculant of calcium oxide and anionic polyacrylamide composition of the two agents. When used, the first two agents dubbed lime and 5-10 % polyacrylamide solution of 1 ‰ ; then add lime slurry and stir , then add the final solution of polyacrylamide paste and stir. The present invention provides a composite flocculant low cost, and can accelerate particles to settle , improve thickener underflow concentration is conducive to subsequent filtration and dewatering operations , and can reduce the loss of concentrate , reduce environmental pollution.
Some methods exist in some developed countries in three stages of wastewater treatment in the final stage is the ultimate treatment:
By composite flocculant(anionic polyacrylamide and cationic polyacrylamide),Fiberglass deep treatment and reuse of wastewater from tertiary treatment process to see its purification function can meet the national emission standards, but the water will still contain a significant amount of pollutants , this part of the water efflux , still affect water bodies, more suitable for reuse , they must be further advanced treatment. Object and target depth treatment are: removal of suspended solids remaining treated water (including activated sludge particles ) : bleaching, deodorizing , water further clarification ; further reduce BOD5, CODcr other indicators, so that the water further stabilize ; sterilization, removal of toxic and hazardous substances in water. After a water depth of discharge after treatment can include any body of water has a higher economic value of water bodies and water bodies , including the slow , supplement ground water ; reuse for irrigation, municipal use , such as watering of urban green space,washing streets, vehicles, landscape water, etc. ; can also be reused for flushing toilets, and even back to the water used to produce softened water.Water in nature is the only irreplaceable,but also the only renewable resources , and waste recycling and reuse is the most cost- saving measures , but also the most effective way to control water pollution.


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