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Why is it called caustic soda


In the industry , often called caustic hydroxide or caustic soda called caustic soda . This is because the sodium hydroxide solution spilled on darker skin , the skin will corrode , causing burns. It dissolution of proteins , there is a strong irritant and corrosive ( due to the dissolution of its proteins , compared with acid burns, alkali burn less likely to heal ) . Instillation of 0.02 % solution of rabbit eyes , can cause corneal epithelial damage. Intraperitoneal LD50: 40 mg / kg, rabbit oral LDLo: 500 mg / kg. Dust irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract , nasal septum corrosion ; spilled on the skin, especially splashed mucous membranes, can produce a soft crust , and can penetrate deep tissue , leaving scars after burns ; splashed into eyes , not only damage the cornea , the eye and make deep tissue injury, severe cases can cause blindness ; swallowed can cause gastrointestinal burns , colic , mucosal erosion, bloody vomiting, stomach contents , bloody diarrhea , and sometimes hoarse occur , difficulty swallowing , shock, gastrointestinal perforation , post- stomach may occur intestinal stenosis. Due to the strong alkaline water may cause pollution on plants and aquatic organisms should be noted.

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