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The production of basic chromium sulphate


Chromium, in particular chromium oxidation state is a toxic substance, the amount of the payment is to minimize emissions of considerable concern in the design phase of liquid and gas from the plant. Regular monitoring of chromium(basic chromium sulphate)emissions from factory chimneys, but rarely at the level of detection. Our air emissions permit conditions is required desulfurization tower stack continuous monitoring of sulfur dioxide emissions. All wash water collected in a tank and reuse materials dissolved sodium dichromate most important factor in chrome tanned leather is used, so it makes sense to New Zealand. It is from the Cr (VI) reduction of the production of simple Cr (Ⅲ) of excess sulfur dioxide:
Na2 CR2O7 +3SO2 + H2O → Cr2 (SO4)2 (OH) 2 + NaSO4
The reaction was heated in a steam vessel, and the excess SO2 removal in the second reaction column. Finally, the liquid product is spray-dried into powder and disposal bags.
Since potassium dichromate is a highly toxic compound, all the emissions from the plant are closely monitoring all wastewater reuse recycle chromium.
Production of basic chromium sulphate based on hexavalent chromium in the form of a chemical reaction ( i.e. 6 + oxidation state ) of sodium dichromate was reduced to the trivalent state ( + 3 ) sulfur dioxide.


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