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The polyester plasticizer makes life away from the "plasticizer"


The annual total amount of plastic products are on the rise, with some of the conventional plasticizer slowly exit, the new increase usage will be plasticizer has more quality performance has increased year by year.
It is reported, at present, some enterprises use rubber plasticizer can also achieve the our company polyester type(DOP-Dioctyl Phthalate)increasing effect on the stability of plastic agent, but the price is very expensive, the cost is far less than the polyester plasticizers advantage. "Polyester type additions of plasticizer can not only play a stabilizing role, actual output will increase a lot, for customers not only reduces the cost, the quality of the products has also been greatly improved",and stressed polyester plasticizer added and not added production cost.
Our company developed the polyester plasticizers used in DOP and in some low molecular weight plasticizer added more cases. "Currently on the market there is such a problem is not solved, is the product of plasticizer volatilization at high temperature processing conditions, with the passage of time will also go toward outside migration. Including the previously appeared a certain brand of liquor which contains a plasticizer storm, its principle is that alcohol is an organic solvent, the plastic products inside the plasticizer to dissolve into the wine. Polyester type and we launched the plasticizer has a very long carbon chain, can be fixed low molecular weight plasticizer, make it very difficult to transfer, especially can ensure a longer service life of soft PVC products(PVC Resin K67,PVC Resin Powder)in high temperature condition. The plasticizer if it is used in the necessities of life, to human body health can play a protection, but also can prolong the service life of the product, used in cable material which can be multiplied the volume resistance."


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