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The differences are between various polyacrylamide


Polyacrylamide types can be divided into many, its kind name is also very clear, we also are aware of the various types , we put together the kind of polyacrylamide make a difference: cationic polyacrylamide in acidic or alkaline medium showed a cationic , anionic it is usually lower than the molecular weight non-ionic polyacrylamide , the performance mainly by the charge of sewage neutralization obtained . The main function of this type of flocculant flocculation with a negative charge , with turbidity,bleaching function. Alcohol and other waste in the plant, monosodium glutamate factory , sugar mills , meat plants, beverage plants, printing and dyeing processing using cationic polyacrylamide than to use anionic polyacrylamide , nonionic polyacrylamide or effect of the high number of inorganic times or several times , because with this kind of waste generally negative charge.The kind of polyacrylamide application is very widespread,and it can also be applied in our workplace and very popular.
Anionic polyacrylamide no systemic toxicity to aquatic organisms or microorganisms. Polymer too big to be absorbed into the tissues and cells . Anionic functional groups , without affecting the function of the gills of fish or Daphnia respirator. Any adverse effects observed in laboratory tests to always appear in a concentration of more than 100 mg . / L, the viscosity may be due to the test medium . In preparing such a concentration of the test solution requires a high energy stirring time is long, sometimes several hours. Therefore, we can conclude that the concentration of these harmful not exist in the natural environment .
Test data is given in this document are used to obtain a high charge anionic polyacrylamide.Low charge density polymers exhibit lower toxicity to aquatic organisms and microorganisms. Test results anionic polyacrylamide is mainly determined by the viscosity of the test solution.


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