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Select agents for different processes of sludge?

We to come from the different working procedure sludge, the medicament choice and the amount used are not same.
1. big pellet drosses: Mainly is sundry goods and so on plastic bag, short line, fabric down.Does not need to add the medicine, after the waterlogging the direct foreign shipment.
2. pretreatment sludge: Including initially sinks the sludge and adds the medicine transformation precipitation sludge.The pretreatment sludge subsidence performance is good, does not add the medicament generally in the concentration basin, only when filter pressing dehydration does not add or adds few PAM.
3. biochemistry sludge: Namely the surplus sludge, this kind of sludge moisture content reaches as high as 99.9%, the major part is the free water.The textile printing enterprise's sludge generally with life trash one and foreign shipment handling, requests to sludge processing to achieve the transportation condition then.In actual movement, if the volume of contaminated water waste is small, we usually transformation sludge and biochemistry sludge mix processing, thus does not have to add the medicine recuperation in the concentration basin, the gravitation thickening can remove the majority of free waters, the sludge machinery dehydrates when right amount joins PAC, PAM.But the volume of contaminated water waste big project, produces the surplus sludge must add the medicine recuperation after the sludge concentration basin the filter pressing dehydration.
Moreover, adds the medicine operation for the convenience, will reduce the labor intensity, adds the medicine pond the dischargeable capacity to press the 1m3 design, such medicament density is easy to control, the polyacrylamide, PAC generally according to the 10~15ppm configuration, PAM generally according to the 0.5~1ppm configuration, and will move in the future in the debugging the passable overflow gauge adjustment medicament amount used.

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