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30% acetic acid solution, what does that mean?

Pure anhydrous acetic acid was only known as acetic acid, glacial acetic acid solution, the solution is actually also known as acetic acid solution . In a sense, " acetic acid solution" does not exist , because the water can not be regarded as glacial acetic acid, acetic acid , and acetic acid or acetic acid solution instead .
But as people used to be called the sugar syrup , add water , salt water known as brine general. So, glacial acetic acid solution is also known as glacial acetic acid .

Acetic acid is a colorless liquid has a strong pungent odor , boiling point 117.9 ℃, melting point of 16.6 ℃; When the temperature is lower than 16.6 ℃, like ice-like crystals of acetic acid , acetic anhydride , also known as glacial acetic acid so .
30% acetic acid solution is 30% acetic acid , 70% water .
Also known as acetic acid , is widely found in nature, which is an organic compound , is a typical fatty acid . Is recognized as the source of the sour and pungent vinegar smell . In the family, a dilute solution of acetic acid is often used as detergents . The food industry, in the list of food additives E260 , the acid is an acidity regulator requirements . Acetic acid (acetic acid) molecule containing two carbon atoms and an unsaturated carboxylic acid , derivatives of oxygenated hydrocarbons are important . Formula C2H4O2, Simple CH3COOH.

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