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Polyacrylamide security knowledge


The polyacrylamide, alias PAM, is one glassy solid.Easy to absorb water, but absorbing water speed along with derivative ion characteristic difference different.The polyacrylamide dissolves in the water, also dissolves in the acetic acid, the glycol, the glycerine and the amine and so on the organic solvent.Long-term being heated decomposes, decomposition temperature in 120℃ above.Under non-oxygen condition, 210℃ carbonization for black powder.

According to the need, the polyacrylamide may create shade the ion, the positive ion and the masculine and feminine elements mix ion by the non-ionic processing forms four kind of type products.

1, the use of polyacrylamide
Polyacrylamide is an important water-soluble polymer, and blending of the flocculation and thickening, shear resistance, reducing resistance and dispersibility, and other valuable properties. These ion are different and each has focused on performance with derivatives. Pam in oil extraction, mineral processing, coal, metallurgy, chemical, paper, textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, agricultural production and other departments have a wide range of uses. Storage,

2, Pam transport and points for attention
Polyacrylamide is not toxic. Only when intake is greater than 5 per thousand, due to gastrointestinal mucosal absorption of nutrition are viscous resistance and harmful. Residual acrylamide monomer in polypropylene acyl amine of toxic, food must be strictly controlled. Storage and transportation should pay attention to moisture.

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