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UF role in the treatment process - attached PAC Price


UF membranes can retain bacteria , PAC but not kill bacteria , even the best retention rate ultrafiltration membrane can not guarantee a clean area not long long a bacteria, the bacteria may multiply. Through a direct impact on water quality , such as semi- finished products and some mineral water appears white flocculent filamentous fungal group, the system is mainly caused by fungal contamination .

The role of ultrafiltration membrane technology in water treatment
Ultrafiltration membrane technology is the most mature and advanced technique . The outer diameter of the hollow fiber :0.5-2 .0 mm, internal diameter :0.3-1 .4 mm, covered with a microporous hollow fiber wall pore size in order to retain the molecular weight of the material expression , molecular weight cutoff up to several thousand to hundreds of thousands. Raw water in the lumen of the hollow fiber outside pressure or flow , respectively, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure . Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process , the material can be trapped and concentrated with a small exclusion , without clogging the membrane surface , long-term continuous operation. UF is one of the earliest development of the polymer membrane .

Ultrafiltration is widely used in water purification, solution separation, concentration , and extraction of useful substances from waste water , waste water purification and reuse in the field of high-tech . Characterized by the use of simple process , without heating , energy conservation, low voltage operation , small footprint device .

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