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What qualitative requirement for PAC in pharmaceutical factory


Pharmaceutical factory use polyaluminium chloride-PAC , the main purpose is to deal with the pharmaceutical water impurities and contaminants. Pharmaceutical pollutants discharged mostly complex, toxic, hazardous and bio- degradable organic matter is difficult , causing serious water pollution . Also showed a significant acid , alkaline, part of the sewage containing high salt , are more difficult to handle a sewage .
Coagulation treatment of pharmaceutical waste water treatment method is a widely used at home and abroad,it is widely used in pharmaceutical wastewater pretreatment and post-treatment process .
Pharmaceutical wastewater flocculant selected inorganic polymer flocculant than inorganic salts of low molecular weight flocculant . In the inorganic polymer flocculant .PFS compared with PAC, PFS higher COD removal , sedimentation rate faster ; polymeric aluminum sulfate itself but made color, its color removal better than PAC(PAC 30%). PAC and PFS with the organic polymer flocculants can improve flocculation . However, inorganic coagulant dosage should be , and then adding an organic polymer flocculant .
Water quality characteristics of pharmaceutical wastewater alone makes the majority of pharmaceutical wastewater using standard biochemical methods simply can not handle , so the biological treatment must be carried out before the necessary pretreatment. According to the characteristics of pharmaceutical wastewater water quality in their process requires the use of physico-chemical treatment as a pre -or post- treatment biological treatment processes.


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