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Heavy metals in water treatment PFS one word : fast


Because some references to water containing heavy metals , allowing users to a series of diseases , let's flesh is weak , there is such a PFS after purification products, hoping to have more water plant, the use of this product, we use this water will be further protected . LvYuan electronic media production of PFS generated wastewater, water production design ultrafiltration system 50T / H, the quality of water reaching SDI ≤ 5, turbidity 0.2NTU. PFS using UF + RO membrane water treatment for plating . PFS is how to accelerate the implementation of goals to strengthen water governance . When PFS wastewater filtration to remove some of the small particles , PFS can filter bag filter to remove some of the fine waste particles , these particles can prevent the breakdown of membrane elements in the acceleration of the pump, causing PFS filter membrane leakage. PFS practices to avoid contamination ultrafiltration membrane elements contained in waste water , do not mess operation and service life of the membrane elements affect the system , it is necessary for effective water pretreatment . Therefore , PFS price increases lamination processing system filters, quartz sand filters, bag filters and other pre-processing unit , and appropriate dosing of inhibitors, disinfectants, chlorine removal agent. Because wastewater treatment PFS added acids, bases, salts and other chemicals , and therefore , the water contained in the back with more metal ions , the conductivity will be higher , and if the added lime or calcium salts , the recycling process will produce severe fouling . For a long water quality characteristics, PFS ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems oozing pretreatment system must take effective measures to ensure the good result achieved , and can run for long periods of chaos . PFS and precipitation by breaking cyanide raw water to pH :5.95-6 .81; Turbidity : 10NTU; SS:. 40mg / l ferric sulfate water is more thorough , welcome .


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