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Trained workers can use the cationic polyacrylamide alone or not


The use of anionic polyacrylamide need to go through prior general training ,trained workers can use cationic polyacrylamide alone, and has not been so for a number of workers must be operated in accordance with the following three questions.
First, to protect themselves,as part of cationic polyacrylamide chemicals on human skin stimulates small, but there are more or less stimulation, so any personnel in the use of cationic polyacrylamide protective equipment must be worn at all times , not after contact with skin care cationic polyacrylamide products use water rinse.
The other is also known as cationic polyacrylamide gel,after encountering water will be very slippery when spilled on the road very adhesions , it is easy to slip pedestrians, therefore , use the process to avoid side leakage.
Finally, cationic polyacrylamide is stored must be sealed after the completion of store in a cool dry place , some customers the trouble of using a general cationic polyacrylamide is not sealed , over time, causing the failure of cationic polyacrylamide Therefore , we must pay special attention to this point .


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