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How much you know calcium chloride anhydrous application


CaCl2 Molecular Weight 110.99 

White porous block, granular or cellular solids. Density 2.15g/cm3. Melting point 772 ℃. The boiling point 1600 ℃. Slightly bitter taste, no foul. Air easily deliquescence. Soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, acetic acid, formic acid, wells, pyridine and acetic acid amide, ether insoluble. Generate a lot of heat when dissolved in water, aqueous solution is slightly alkaline. 

Calcium chloride anhydrous applications: mainly used as a gas, oil, organic solvents (such as alcohol, ether, etc.) in dry dehydrating agent, preservative article. Industrial metals used in the manufacture of inorganic calcium, barium, calcium variety (such as calcium phosphate, etc.) materials. Refrigeration industry in the aqueous solution as an important refrigerants. Construction industry as antifreeze, to accelerate the hardening of concrete and mortar building increased tolerance to cold. Haploid breeding industry as a microbial culture medium. Analysis of the carbon content of the steel chemistry, blood grapes dissolved, serum inorganic phosphorus and serum alkaline phosphatase activity, such as for the determination. In addition, as the fabric fire retardant, anti-fogging agent harbor, road dust agents and food preservatives.

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