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The chemical properties of zinc oxide


Zinc oxide is a chemical substance used for medical, chemical and other industries, especially in the medical field, can play a good role in anti-inflammatory treatment of ulcers. Zinc oxide is recognized as a very popular ointment preparation.

Zinc oxide or red-white powder in the form of zinc ores. Zincite contains a small amount of impurities such as manganese ore presents makes yellow or red. Zinc oxide crystal is heated, there will be a small amount of oxygen atoms overflow (800 ℃ overflow 0.007% of the total oxygen atoms), making the material appear yellow. When the temperature drops after the crystal is restored white.

When the temperature reaches 1975 ℃ will decompose when zinc oxide zinc vapor and oxygen generation. Elemental carbon can be used for the reduction of zinc in the zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide, fatty acids can occur in a slow reaction of the corresponding carboxylic acid salts, such as oleate and stearate.

Zinc oxide, zinc chloride concentration of alkali chloride aqueous solution is generated, a similar hardening properties of the cement, commonly used in dental surgery. Zinc oxide and phosphoric acid produced by the reaction of zinc phosphate tetrahydrate, also has the same properties.

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