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Industrial applications of zinc oxide


With the continuous development of industrial technology, zinc oxide has been applied in more and more industries for the benefit of mankind plays a huge role, zinc oxide is mainly used in those industries do?

Zinc oxide in the rubber and tire industries is essential additive for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex curing agents and reinforcing agents, and coloring, etc. have played a significant role. For rubber, vulcanization accelerators can play its role, can effectively improve the performance of the rubber, the application of this total zinc oxide applications accounted for 30% ~ 50%.

Chemical industry, zinc oxide also has important applications, zinc oxide is widely used as a catalyst, desulfurization agent, the surface of zinc oxide, high activity catalyst can effectively improve the efficiency of selection and catalytic properties.

Coatings industry, zinc oxide addition tinting strength and hiding power, is the paint preservatives and brightening agent; addition, zinc oxide excellent ultraviolet shielding ability of the paint anti-aging, and so has the more prominent features.

Medicine and health and food industry, zinc oxide can Sida, hemostasis, tissue regeneration function of convergence, some raw materials used in plaster, for the promotion of children's intellectual development help.

Ceramics and dyeing industry, zinc oxide used to prevent dye, zinc oxide plays a flux, because fine particles, high activity, you can reduce the sintering temperature of the glass and ceramics and so on, are widely used.

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